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 V Pilates Studio Approach

Process of awareness and change

A mindful movement practice

Become aware of how your body is moving and re-educate unhelpful movement strategies. To dissolve the old story and open the portal to change. Enhance your ability to do what you do with a greater ease and efficiency, and improve your daily functioning or work towards personal goals. Inhabit the new paradigm of Body Mind as a living process to connect to life that flows through you. Explore the body through a bio mechanical, psycho-social-neuro-myo-fasical approach.

Using the Polestar Pilates principles and repertoire clients at V Pilates learn:

  • Bio-mechanical movement patterns

  • The importance of breathing well

  • Interconnections of the myo fascial tracks that weave together patterns of movement

  • Alignment and congruence of joint health, that supports the natural designs of the body

  • Importance of presence and integration of the whole mind-body experience

  • Whole body core health

The Polestar approach is holistic, and assesses the whole person; physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. 

The curriculum has earned reputation worldwide as the most scientifically sound Pilates programme,

setting the standard in Pilates education.


A mindful movement practice focusing on:


Postural ease

Movement freedom

Reclaiming energy

Restoring fluidity

Re-connecting to self  

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