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Vikki Harris  

V Pilates Studio Director


Vikki, has over 30 years experience as a movement teacher, and is continually developing her skills as a communicator and observer. As a fully accredited Polestar Pilates practitioner, including teaching using specialist equipment, Vikki is also an Educator in training and mentor to Polestar students and graduates on the teacher training programmes. Vikki is currently training to be a Psychotherapist with Homa London. 

Vikki's teaching offers resources for dynamic stability, resilience and adaptability to help navigate the ever changing challenges of life in today's world. She has a unique ability to enlighten clients to be more 'awake' to their current global climate, with more focus on presence and accountability. 


Recent Professional Development

HOMA LONDON Foundational Year One 2022 and Year Two 2023

(towards Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy 4yr training) 


Psychological Fitness Specialist Training ( 2021)

Ten Directions Masterclass (2021)

"Now what?- Developing skills and Self in response to conflict.


Slings Myofascial Teacher Training Foundation Level (2021) 

Art of Motion Slings Blend  (2021)

Art of Motion Slings Theory Assessment (2021)

Art of Motion Slings Essential (2020)

Anatomy Trains in Motion (2016)

Art of Motion Slings Myofascial Training Webinars with Karin Gurtner (2020-2021)

Slings Masterclass 

Different Core Competence: Deep Front Line

Thoracolumbar fascia: Central roundhouse with Body wide influence

Multidimensional Dynamic Stability Training Inner Togetherness

Myofascial Pathway to the Pelvic Floor: Adductor Magnus

Re(balancing) the Pelvis

Unwinding the Core

Interoceptive Soundscape; Fine Tuning Inner Ease

Elasticising the Body

Empowering the Arms.

Invigorating the Spine and Inner Organs

Feelings of Self Determination: Move and be moved

Strengthening the Abdominals and Nourishing the back

Psychological Fitness Specialist Series with Liz Bussey

Live Data Labs Learning the Art of Integral Facilitation

Gil Hedley Integral Anatomy Series Dissection (2020)

Julian Baker: Functional Anatomy Dissection (2020)

 Core Awareness Webinar with Liz Koch (2020)

Biodynamic Entrepreneurs: Weaving a Life of Coherency

Human Home Project with Liz Bussey (2020)

The Head and its Egoic Mind

The Heart and its Emotional Intelligence

The Gut and its Centred Presence

The Vessel and its Total Consciousness

Wisdom of the Body with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (2020)

A body orientated approach to transforming trauma and attachment wounds.

When words aren't enough. 

Be Unlimited with The Human Potential Institute (2020)

The gateway to ultimate well being and inner freedom. 

Beyond Chocolate Practitioner Training (2021)

Understanding the relationship with your body & food


Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio, Mat and Reformer Fully Accredited 

Mentor for Polestar Pilates students on the teacher training programmes.


Principal of the Drusilla Duffill Theatre School AISTD DDE RAD STC

Ex-professional Dancer

DBS checked

First Aid Certificate

Fully Insured

Pink Ribbon Programme: Post Rehabilitation Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist (2019)

Franklin Method Spine and Back Trainer (2018)

Link Centre: UKATA Transactional Analysis Course (2018)

Anatomy Trains in Motion with Karin Gunther Anatomy Trains (2016)

Living Anatomy Cranial Sacral Educational Trust (2015)

Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio (2014)

Polestar Pilates Mat Series (2014)

Polestar Pilates Reformer (2013)

Body Control Pilates Reformer (2000)

Body Control Pilates Mat work (1999)

Diploma Merseyside Dance & Drama Centre (1990-1993)  Distinction

Diploma of Dance Education (DDE) in Imperial Ballet, Modern, Theatre, Tap & National

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