Group Mat Pilates Sessions

V Pilates Group Mat Session options to suit all needs from September 2020.

10 week pre paid blocks - £12 per class / £120 advance payment

Trial Class £12 before commitment to a block of lessons. 

IN STUDIO: Participate in a class, in person at V Pilates Studio. Maximum of 8 participants per class, with plenty of open floor space and COVID-19 policy in place.*

LIVE STREAM: Attend a live class, streamed via Zoom, from the comfort of your own home, alongside those participating in the studio. 

ONLINE: Online only mat class on Thursday mornings. 

*If you are required to self isolate at any time, anyone booked in to the studio can join via the live stream option instead. 


6:30pm - 7:15pm:

Studio & Live Stream

Pilates for Core Health (Vikki)


7:30pm - 8:15pm

Studio & Live Stream 

Dynamic Pilates (Vikki)


7:15pm - 8pm:


Pilates for Core Health (Alison)

*Class for beginners, or those suffering with back/joint pain

8:10pm - 8:55pm:


Dynamic Pilates (Alison)
*Class for runners to support technique, alignment, flexibility & performance for safer practics


9:30am - 10:15am:

Online Only

Pilates for Core Health (Vikki)

8:10pm - 8:55pm: 

Studio & Live Stream

Pilates for Core Health (Vikki)

Pilates Movement Classes - Class Descriptions:

Pilates for Core Health (suitable for all) - designed to radiate strength from the inside, yet maintaining suppleness & ease on the outside. Re-balance strategies to support health. 

Key Benefits:

- Learn to breathe well & calm the nervous system. Understand the internal dynamics of the diaphragm & natural core support. 

- Understand the organisation of the head, neck & shoulder alignment & how posture affects the load & forces on spinal segments. 

- Learn to lengthen the central axis of your spine, including awareness of your pelvic alignment to take the pressure off a compacted, compressed posture & provide an internal tensegrity system of support. 

- Learn how to house your spine in a balanced system of flexibility with a natural response of integrated deep core stabilisation. Deep core control is not just about engaging your abdominal muscles. 

- Learn about your ability to move the spine in a range of movements, offering availability and distribution of forces throughout the structure, and reduce wear and tear over used segments. 

- Become aware of the alignment of the foot from the ground up, as the root of transmitted forces through our body. 

- Learn how to move well through mindful awareness practice, and whole body approach to support overall health & well being. 

Dynamic Pilates (experienced movers) - more challenging exercises and complexity, yet with the balance of a mindful approach. 

Key Benefits:

- Monday Dynamic Pilates, led by Vikki, offers a diverse approach to the Pilates repertoire, with particular awareness of the integrated whole, & balance of systems with larger ranges and complex movement. 

- Tuesday Dynamic Pilates, led by Alison - who has completed The Runity: Pilates for Runners by Polestar Pilates Educator; Juan Nieto.


Running adds an incredible amount of load onto our bodies, & that load is only healthy if your tissues are prepared for it. Come & learn exercises that will improve & support your running technique, posture, flexibility & alignment for a more efficient & saver practice.


Move well and get fit to run. 

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