“My journey with Vikki started about 18 months ago. I have suffered from pain in my back and pelvis for a number of years and regularly visited the Osteopath every few weeks. I knew I needed to build my core strength and thought I would try Pilates. Vikki’s style of teaching is to not only to build your Pilate’s technique, but also to build your understanding of how your body works in conjunction with your brain. Together we explore my learnt behaviours and holding patterns and retrain my whole self to work more effectively and efficiently. Vikki helps you visualise what your body can achieve and the equipment supports your learning process throughout. As a result of my work with Vikki, I only visit my Osteopath for a check up a couple of times a year. I feel so much stronger in myself and know that I am completely supported in my on-going journey.” SR



'Vikki is an exceptional teacher. Not only is she a walking advert for pilates herself but she has such skill in finding a way to teach that really works for each individual. She makes everyone in class feel important to her and her warm, patient, passionate and positive personality mean that we leave every lesson feeling not just physically better but uplifted in spirit too.”  Sarah

We have been attending V Pilates equipment class for a year now having found it both enjoyable and highly rewarding. Vikki has an encouraging teaching style which is focussed on helping us progress as our abilities improve and goals change. We feel fitter, healthier and surprisingly taller! M&A

"Shoulders down, pelvis stable and walking in a straight line. Set up for the rest of the week.  Thankyou Vikki . Foot operation cancelled!  Who knew that pilates could have that result. Building strength ready for hip operation and looking forward to recovery plan for a new more active life. Thanks Vikki for your knowledge, support and encouragement. And a heartfelt thankyou!!! ''. Elaine

''I had tried Pilates previously but had found it uninspiring, but Vikki is an inspiration and since undertaking her sessions I have not only felt stronger and more toned,  but it has also had a marked improvement in my confidence''. Jules

''I have been benefitting from Pilates classes with Vikki for around a year and now my two teenage daughters are too in our weekly group class. Vikki is great to work with, She is so knowledgeable and uses her experience to ensure she varies the exercises for all our individual needs. She encourages us gently and patiently to explore new movements and increased levels of body awareness . Her sessions are a real tonic for the body and the soul. Often arriving stressed and weary, Vikki’s consistently warm welcome, calm demeanour, supportive approach, mixed with her delightful sense of humour, always ensure I leave calm, relaxed and ‘re-connected’ to my body. I highly recommend Vikki to anyone (male or female of any age) seeking an totally authentic Pilates experience '' Sandra   

''My nine year old daughter has been doing regular Pilates with Vikki for over a year. She really enjoys the classes and her flexibility and core strength have really improved. I would thoroughly recommend it ''. Sara